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If you live in California, chances are that you’ve experienced an earthquake: whether it was a light tremor or a massive shake down. It is common knowledge that earthquakes are capable of causing a large amount of damage. These damages can be expensive to repair and can greatly affect your personal finances. That’s why it is important for homeowners to obtain California Earthquake Insurance.

SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized representative for some of the leading providers of California Earthquake Insurance. If you want to know more about getting California Earthquake Insurance, give us a call at 1-800-771-7758 and speak to one of our knowledgeable agents. You can also get rapid results by requesting a free California Earthquake Insurance quote!

What does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

If you live in California, it’s wise to acquire California Earthquake Insurance coverage along with your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Most policies do not provide coverage for earthquakes automatically. California Earthquake Insurance will protect your home and your belongings if you ever have to make repairs to damages caused by a quake.

Some of the California Earth Quake Insurance coverage options include:

  • Damage to your home and attachments
  • Debris removal
  • Renovations needed to meet earthquake and building regulations
  • Lodging fees while your property is renovated


There are some things that are excluded from earthquake insurance dependent on your policy provider. These include:

  • Fire
  • Vehicles
  • Preexisting damage
  • Land
  • External water damage
  • Brick work

Finding insurance at the best rates can be time consuming and tricky. So we do all of the busy work for you by finding the best California Earthquake Insurance rate from the top providers in the state. Remember, an earthquake can happen at any time and cause life changing damage. Keep your property and your finances protected by acquiring California Earthquake insurance coverage. There are many providers who offer this protection. If you’d like to find the best rates for this insurance, request a rapid California Earthquake Insurance quote now! Don’t let an earthquake shake up your life.

A Quick Guide to Earthquake Prep

You could be at work, at home in a deep sleep, or at the gym on the treadmill: you’ll never know when the next major earthquake will occur in California. Earthquakes aren’t predictable and will often catch you off guard. That being said, it is still possible to prepare for the next tremor and save yourself some grief when it happens. We have compiled a list of useful tips to help your prepare for the next big quake.

  1. Designate a safe place in your home to retreat to during an earthquake. These rooms should have no window threats or threats from high-falling objects.
  2. Assemble a disaster supplies kit full of everything you’ll need in case of a large earthquake. Kits should include:
    • Flashlights
    • Betteries
    • Canned foods and bottled water
    • Phone Chargers
    • Power sources to charge phones
    • First Aid Kit
  3. Practice your drop, hold and cover technique.
  4. Identify all hazards in your home


Below are some safety tips to remember during an earthquake in California:

  1. Don’t panic. Remain calm and think clearly
  2. Don’t run outside. Overall movement in an earthquake can be difficult. It’s best to find a safe place inside the house to drop, cover, and hold
  3. Prepare for aftershocks
  4. If you are in a bed, stay there and cover your head with a pillow
  5. Watch for broken glass

There’s one other preparation one must take that’s important for homeowners. An earthquake can cause large amounts of damage to your home that may be expensive to repair. If you have a homeowners insurance policy then your carrier most like offers California Earthquake Insurance coverage option. This will protect your belongings and cover the costs for any damage caused by an earthquake after the deductible. You can find great rates for this insurance by requesting a California Earthquake Insurance quote for free. It takes no time at all.

Earthquakes are some of the most feared natural disasters, but if you prepare and remember these tips, you should be able to handle them with a breeze.

According to UCERF3:


  • There is more than a 99 percent chance in the next 30 years that a magnitude 6.7 earthquake or greater will hit somewhere in California.
  • The research also reports that scientists now can consider more than 250,000 different fault-based earthquakes, whereas previous research and models considered far fewer.
  • The research reports the likelihood for an earthquake of magnitude 8 or greater in the next 30 years in the entire California region has increased 50 percent over previous (UCERF2) estimates.
  • An even more powerful quake – a magnitude 7.5 or greater – has a 48 percent chance of striking California in the next 30 years.
  • There is a 75 percent chance that a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake will strike in Southern California sometime during the next 30 years.
  • And in the next three decades, there's a 76 percent chance that a magnitude 7 or greater quake will happen in Northern California.


California Earthquake Facts

  • California has two-thirds of the nation’s earthquake risk.
  • Some 2,000 known faults crisscross the state. New faults are discovered all the time.
  • Earthquake damage may occur miles from faults or the epicenter where the quake occurs.
  • A quake measuring magnitude 3 to 5 is considered minor or light; 5 to 7 is moderate to strong; 7 to 8 is major; and 8 or more is great.
  • Earthquakes strike without warning. They can occur at any time of day or night, during any season of the year. There is no such thing as “earthquake weather.”
  • Between 1974 and 2003, California experienced 4,895 earthquakes of magnitude 3.5 or greater, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (“USGS”).
  • Doorways are no stronger than any other part of a structure. During an earthquake, get under a sturdy piece of furniture and hold on.


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Every day is earthquake season in California. ​Whether you own a house, mobile home, condo, or rent, Skyblue Insurance has an earthquake insurance policy for you. Get peace of mind knowing your home is protected before the next damaging earthquake.





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